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Angélique Droessaert

"part revelatory, part celebratory,..." "heady images of Droessaert's work," ..."uniquely inspired,"... (excerpted from critics reviews)


"You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams

The idea is,  that  a good photographer  doesn't just take a photograph, she crafts it.  With that insight and combining it with digital media, I took the concept many steps further, to working on select photographs, and by digital manipulation create something entirely different, abstract, no longer a photo.  Yet, I work with an inner light contained in those photos, with content just below the surface, in the literal and figurative sense of the digital record, to bring forth other works of art.

              I am an artist, a writer, a poet. I operate in the artistic mode in most aspects of my life, from cooking, to writing, to decorating, painting, photography.... I take time to get to know my subject, be that a landscape, a person, or an object.  I  look for secrets, see  hidden beauty,  play out exploratory scenarios. Taking a photograph from being just an account of the surface of things, and turning it into something that is a new creation with the unseen elements that are not so obvious at first glance, illustrating an unusual vision, something that stands out, that makes you look twice  and hopefully pleases or intrigues the one who looks at this, is a skill and ambition that I continue to refine.

         I love harmony and love to  bring out beauty or revealing it when it is hidden or passed over. My personal approach sums up seeing BEAUTY in nature, artifacts, travels, every day objects in daily living, and where you least expect it.  I have a particular fondness for textures and history, as I witness in old cities: My first love was painting, drawing and working with watercolors. My love of color and textures can be ably expressed with digital photography and my creativity has found new modes of expression with the modern advances in technology in digital photography and post production use of softwares: Photography translates into the "Art of writing with light," and I write with pen, brush and keyboard! 

          I love to share my awe  for the magnificent beauty of nature in all its vastness and in its most minute visions, in rich, deep, lush, vibrating color. The inspiration of impressionism combined with observations of vibrant color around the Mediterranean and especially in Florence and Venice in Italy, and along the Côte d'Azur and in the Provence (France) deeply influence my color palette. There is a uniquely different, mysterious and vibrant color scheme all around the Mediterranean and the play of light and shade, their warmth and natural beauty never cease to fascinate me. I feel a deep connection to all of creation and a reverent awe to the magnificence of our universe. This mystic connection is often found in some of my favorite works and some of my preferred creations evolved because of a meditation on the subject and a transformative experience that was felt and translated into a new way of seeing or feeling.

            Years ago I worked in my own painting studio. In the summers, while not in graduate school-- I was teaching art classes in the local arts center, working on commissioned work and delivered many projects in stained glass and paintings.  I designed a major east-west fusion restaurant "Marco Polo"  for a local business man.

             Now, in my new art studio, through on hand of my camera, my computers and my vision, I create and express the seen, the unseen, and a dream. Over the last few years I developed a particular interest in working with digital records of my photography as a starting point for new creations, working as a digital artist rather than with paint and brushes on canvas....  I work on state of the art computers and with multiple software techniques, taking my photography to another level of abstract and contemplative art. I also still work using the classic techniques of drawing on paper, painting on canvas using a variety of media (pastels, acrylics, pencils, watercolor, etc) but in my current phase I concentrate on creating pure digital art, and some mixed media works. 

             I visit every museum I can get close too and some of my more recent visits over the last two years are The Philipps Gallery in Washington DC; The Cleveland Art Museum, Ohio; the musée du Jeu de Paume, the Orangerie and the Quai d' Orsai in Paris, France; The Mesnil Collection in Houston, TX; the Musée Chagall in Nice and the Musée Picasso in Antibes, France, etc.

My current work as a digital artist focuses  on a series of collections, centered around the visions of "Reflections" (water, mirror, figurative  and literal)  I have come full circle, back to being an artist as I started out originally, but with more depth and breath, and deeper insights that help me, and inform my art. My work is free lance and by select commission.

I have many educational, academic and artistic credentials in my background as well: A first education in Fine Arts growing up in my father's atelier who is a well known painter in Europe; Followed a formal 3 year training in Fine Arts, graphic design, interior design.  Initially I obtained a professional terminal degree in Fine Arts in Europe (Ecole des Arts et Métiers). In the late seventies, art classes and several semesters at the American Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago preceded several more semesters in Fine Arts at UT in Knoxville, combined with literature and philosophy, and I received a BA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Equally curious about philosophy, psychology and history---- I decided to use my language skills and pursue foreign languages and literatures... A Master's in Modern Languages from UT was eventually followed by a dissertation on Platonic Ideals  and a PhD in Romance Philology and Medieval Romance Literature from UNC, Chapel Hill; Included are some 20 years of teaching college French language and literatures, Spanish, and occasionally Latin and German ...

I have served along side other members in France, Italy and the US, on the jury board of a photo competition in Tuscany, 2013, 2014.

 Agora Galleries, NY., represent my work and serve as my agents in NY.

I have 2 upcoming exhibits featuring my art work, scheduled in New York in Fall 2014 and Spring 2016

I frequently travel to Europe, Germany, Italy and France and I photograph and collect materials for publications, books and works of art. I also write and publish articles of my travels and following in the footsteps of some famous artists, like Picasso, Renoir, Cézanne, PIssarro etc.

I sometimes take special orders and work for clients by commission:

Please contact me 


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